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Urban Bulldog Rescue Boat

In 2009, tropical storm Ondoy ravaged many parts of Luzon in the Philippines. The torrential rains were so devastating that it produced rainfall which was equivalent to a months volume of rain in just 6 hours. Because of the high floods, many communities were submereged, properties were damaged and many lives were lost.

Though Ondoy was a complete disaster for my family and to a lot of other Filipinos, it became an eye-opener. That was the time I realized that rescue boats were a necessity. Boats that can help us survive a disastrous event, transport things, and save lives. I decided to create my own version of boat where I used plastic bottles and covered them with fiberglass.

At first, I produced the boats  for personal use, volunteering in rescuing stranded families during heavy rains. But during one rescue mission, a politician saw the potential in our eco-friendly boat and ordered over 30 units. That became the birth of Urban Bulldog Fiber Glass Rescue Boat.

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Alberto Mendoza
Rescue Volunteer, Founder

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